Mindfulness for Autism

M4A is a gentle but powerful strengths-focussed meditation course for all types of sensitive people.

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News: we are running the course for FREE from Oct 14th – sign up at Dialogue Village here!

It’s an easy to learn technique and quickly aids recovery, counteracting the impact of a noisy and desensitised world.  Small, friendly groups help to reduce the impact of stress and isolation and break negative cycles.  Being helped to focus on some major life-themes means you can live a more self-aware, empowered and fulfilling life.

As well as reduced anxiety and stress, benefits include better relationships and empowerment of self-identity and self-perception. Practicing mindfulness in groups has been shown to increase a sense of community and support and frame the search for belonging and inclusion. Attending our weekly sessions increases social connection, and provides an opportunity for meeting and connecting with others.  You also have time with experienced guides who can answer questions and provide take away skills to use in daily life.

Programme Content  

The programme is 9 x 1 hour sessions at the same time each week.  Each session includes a slideshow presentation, a guided meditation on a theme and a facilitated discussion with the course leaders. 


Introductory session
Body & Stress
Sensory Sensitivities
Vagal Healing
Self-care & Compassion
Empowerment and the Real Me.

The facilitated dialogue part of each session is important because thinking, experiences and stories are shared, in order to create a cohesive community of mindfulness friends. As experienced facilitators, we intuitively address the needs of participants in a semi-structured way, making our events a constructive setting for autistic people who normally find gatherings problematic.  This course has a longer lasting impact as we aim to teach the use of mindfulness skills in order to live a holistic mindful lifestyle, which incorporates stillness and movement, mental and emotional attention, self-compassion, healing and healthy diet, mindful relationships.

In addition to the nine-week course, you will take away a set of self-guided resources and receive lifetime access to our mindfulness community circle in Dialogue Village.

Jonny Drury & Kate Salinsky