Are you an autistic therapist or coach? We’re creating a special course, combining all of our training. Therapy has become a difficult word to use in the autism arena. However, our approach is to think of real therapy as a holistic and healing practice and living life mindfully aware.

Please note: We are against rhetoric of tragedy, deficit and medicalised models and as such do not condone any type of behavioural therapy or purely biological autism sciences.

Introductory Workshop: Mindfulness for Autistic and Highly Sensitive People – A Two Hour CPD Workshop – for carers, helpers, therapists, counsellors and coaches.

This is an introduction to our pioneering mindfulness for autism programmes, which address a range of the most prominent concerns using specially adapted Mindfulness approaches, including: Communication and Relationships, Sensory Sensitivities, Trauma and Vagal Healing, Emotion.


  • Video presentation
  • Guided meditations
  • Dialogue and QA with therapists
  • PDF with the slides & more resources
  • Lifetime Access
  • CPD Certificate

A video presentation is given with lots of new information, guided meditations, a facilitated dialogue/QA session and PDF with the slides including a list of resources.

M4A/HSP is a strengths-focused approach that provides recovery and counteracts the negative sensory impact of the world, reducing stress, isolation, fragmentation and negative cycles, helping highly sensitive people to live a more self-aware, empowered and fulfilling life. Also suitable for anxiety, SPD and similar problems.

A thorough introduction to Mindfulness, Autism and HSP for personal and professional use.