With years of experience in autism, meditation and intentional communities, we’re co-creating gentle but powerful strengths-focussed, short courses for autistic and all types of highly sensitive people and their helpers.


Join as a member of our new learning community. In a spirit of generosity, compassion we support and facilitate learning and growing together, making ripples which go out into neurodivergent communities and our neurodiverse universe!

Join our next community intake, dates coming soon.


Our forthcoming on-demand video service will enable you to study at your own pace and as a community member, get all the help and support you need from instructors and peers.

M4A is a private community with an integrated, easy to follow course running alongside. The combination of taught and experiential elements quickly aids recovery, counteracting the impact of a noisy and desensitised world. Coming to our autism-friendly Zoom groups, with opportunities to share real-world concerns, helps to reduce their impacts and reduce stress and isolation. Being helped to focus mindfully on some major autism themes means you can live a more self-aware, empowered and fulfilling life as an autistic person or help family members even more.

As well as reduced anxiety and stress, benefits include better relationships and empowerment of self-identity and self-perception. Practicing mindfulness in groups has been shown to increase a sense of community and support and frame the search for belonging and inclusion. Attending our regular sessions increases social connection, and provides an opportunity for meeting and connecting with others. You also have time with experienced guides who can answer questions and provide take away skills to use in daily life.

The ultimate goal of all mindful awareness and spiritual pursuit is seen as self-realisation, which, as ‘autism’ is rooted in the word self / autos, is pertinent to the autistic experience in every sense. Our own community, based on traditions such as Buddhism and Sufism, plays an integral role in sensitivity and healing, and the bearing which true belonging has on counteracting isolation and loneliness characteristics of autism.


Enjoy your uniqueness and the world 

Imagine a world where you could just live with all the miracle of being alive experienced, unhindered, without expectation or stress from anyone, including yourself?

Autism Mindfulness training can help you achieve exactly that! 

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Amina heads up our community courses and has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 7 years with a special focus on Diversity and Inclusion.  She has a calm, clear and astute delivery style.

Amina was trained in Mindfulness by none other than Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She has worked with a wide range of people, and enjoys taking a flexible, person-centered approach to teaching. As a neurodivergent person she enjoys exploring how Mindfulness can be adapted to accommodate anyone and everyone. Amina qualifies as a Psychotherapist for Children and Young People in 2024 and enjoys researching holistic approaches to addressing the wide variety of challenges she sees people have.

In her spare time, Amina enjoys being in nature, doing creative activities, and researching topics of interest.

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Jonny attributes regular practicing many kinds of meditation since childhood to seeing autism as potential for huge strength and uniqueness. His Mindfulness practice is grounded in truth and non-duality, seeing each human as aspects of the one compassionate Self.

Jonny holds BA Fine Art, PG Cert Autism Spectrum, PG Cert Coaching & Mentoring, is a Trainer on the NHS’ NATP programme for the Anna Freud Centre and AT-Autism. Jonny formulated the Autism Dialogue Approach®, a highly creative method of participatory sense-making, which helps people with different neurotypes improve  communication together. He is a Member of EMCC and AoPD.

Jonny travels widely and lives and works in both the UK and Europe.

One thing that makes our courses special is the facilitated dialogue part of each session.  It’s important because thinking, experiences and stories are shared in order to create a cohesive community of mindfulness friends. As experienced facilitators, we intuitively address the needs of participants in a semi-structured way, making our events a constructive setting for autistic people who normally find gatherings problematic. This course has a long-lasting impact, as we aim to teach the use of mindfulness skills in order to live a holistic mindful lifestyle.  It incorporates stillness and movement, mental and emotional attention, self-compassion, healing and healthy diet, mindful relationships and more.

We look forward to seeing you!