what is autism?

It can be your superpower!

…if you want… ; )

We know it’s tough at times, but we want to help. That’s why we spend all of our time on improving knowledge about autism and how we can improve lives, to which there’s no limit! 

StREngths focussed

Being neurologically different in a dominating neurotypical world, you need good support to focus on your unique strengths, so you can start to thrive, like many of our students.

socially oriented

Loneliness and isolation can come from being stuck in a negative social loop. With our facilitated community dialogue groups, we can help break that cycle and get you out socialising – if and when you want.

Sensory issues

With careful mindfulness techniques and guidance, something called neuroplasticity allows real changes in your mind to how it responds to the senses that get typically overwhelmed, allowing you to enjoy your heightened sensitivity much more.

masking and you

Autistic people need plenty of time in safe settings to allow the built-up protective armour to soften naturally. Revealing your real self needs to be for you, first and foremost, then in deeply trusted company. Mindfulness approaches and expert facilitation in a safe community allows this to happen naturally.