An easy-going, online Mindfulness programme for turning Autism into your Superpower!

Banish the impact of the modern world and reclaim your life with the power of mindfulness.


18th July to 12th September | 11.30am – 12.30pm (UK time) | Click the Banner!

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Easy to follow

  • Watch a 1 hour video every week to set up your week ahead.
  • Download the guidance to follow.
  • Daily message access.
  • Group sessions.
  • Make friends in your new community.

In our live Zoom sessions, all sorts of questions and experiences are shared together. The instructors will carefully and intuitively address the needs of the attendees, using dialogue, which means it becomes a safe, social setting for many autistic people.

You can just come and listen, and you don’t have to have your camera on if you don’t want!

For 9 weeks, each weekly session is based on a theme:

The Senses
Vagal Healing
Self Compassion
The Real Me

Three different courses:

For Autistic Adults 
Who want to move on and live life to the full

For Helpers of Autistic people

Of all ages. For therapists, counsellors, teachers, parents

For Autistic Helpers

Our combined course!


Recovery from the negative impacts of the modern world to live a more self-aware and more fulfilling, happier life! We are relationship-centred, that means we work with you, while considering those you care about.


  • Reduce stress, confusion, lack of confidence and other mental health problems.
  • Gain information / understanding of the benefits of living more mindfully.
  • Experience simple mindful practices.
  • Opportunity to engage / be part of a community in a group setting.
  • To provide you with the tools and understanding to continue living a more mindful life.

Our courses have a long lasting impact as we aim to teach the use of mindfulness skills in order to live a holistic mindful lifestyle.

Living Mindfully Autistic – Mindfulness lifestyle tuition for Autistic people and their loved ones.

As a regular group and solo practice, the benefits of a strengths-focussed mindful lifestyle aims to reduce the impact of stress, isolation and fragmentation in you, as an autistic person (or a family member of autistic persons), and to live a self-aware and more fulfilling, happier life.

We have been delivering the Mindfulness for Autism programme since 2020 for organisations across the UK and people around the world.